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Online Pharmacy

At WCVC, our mission is to serve our community by providing quality, accessible, affordable veterinary care for people and their companions. ​The most convenient way to get your pet's prescriptions is directly from our onsite pharmacy when you are at the clinic, where you can be assured that these medications are dispensed by our qualified team of veterinarians and technicians who can answer your questions and assure you that your animal companion has the proper drug and dosage. Our goal is to ensure that you not only receive the proper medication but also any of the safety information as it pertains to your individual companion’s health.

If you prefer to order online, especially for recurring orders, we’ve teamed up with the following online pharmacies:


Our online pharmacy offers prescription food, preventatives, and medications that can be delivered right to your door!


To add WCVC as your clinic:

  1. Login/create your account.

  2. Go to "My Pet Health" section and select "My Vet Clinic".

  3. Search by phone: 608-224-1400, and select Wisconsin Community Veterinary Center.


If your pet requires a prescription diet:

  1. Login/create your account.

  2. Go to "My Clinic".

  3. Search by Zip code 53714, and select Wisconsin Community Veterinary Center.

Remember - We can only approve pharmaceuticals for current patients. If you want to establish your pet as a patient, please call 608-224-1400 to schedule an exam.

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