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The History of WCVC

WCVC has been a vital resource in the animal care and welfare world since 2008. We have grown and evolved since our establishment, becoming more comprehensive in our care. In 2022, we changed our name to reflect what we have become and re-align our mission with all that we now do. We may have a new look, but we are still the same team of experienced, caring professionals. We are here for you just as we have always been, and we are excited for the opportunities that come with representing ourselves as WCVC.

The Full Story

In July of 2008, Spay Me! Clinic was established in the lower level of our Animal Shelter. Out team at this point consisted of one Veterinarian, one volunteer CVT, and our Director who performed spay/neuter procedures just two days a week.  As time passed, the need for our services grew; by July of 2009, we were performing high volume spay & neuter 4 days a week, as well as 2 Saturdays a month.


We quickly outgrew our downstairs location. In July of 2010, we moved our clinic to a new home in Sun Prairie, which allowed us to expand our services even further.  By the end of that same year, we were able to add 4 days a week of wellness clinics, one day each week dedicated to dental procedures, and even an occasional “special surgery” day.   We also expanded our spay & neuter program to 5 days a week, and began working closely with partner organizations to establish 19 spay/neuter transport locations throughout the state.


As things continued to pick up, it became clear that our rental space, while it had served us well, was only the bridge that would lead us to bigger and better things.  In October of 2013, we made one final move in to our very own, completely renovated, official home on Robertson Road in Madison.

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As of 2024...


  • 13 Veterinarians

  • 4 Certified Veterinary Technicians

  • 22 Veterinary Support Team Members

  • 8 Receptionists

  • 4 Development Team Members

  • 4 Management Team Members

  • 1 Bookkeeper, 3 Maintenance Techs


  • High Volume Spay/Neuter, 4 days

  • Wellness Clinics, 5 days

  • Vaccine Clinics, 2 days

  • Dental Procedures and Special Surgeries, 2-4 days



  • We work with over 60+ rescues, shelters and humane organizations to provide affordable Veterinary care.

  • We host community outreach clinics across Wisconsin to provide low-cost & free vaccines to underserved communities.

  • We serve as an educational setting for 4th-year veterinary students completing their externships, collaborating to provide them with practical experience as they provide us with hands-on support.

Our Impact 

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