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Financial Assistance

While WCVC offers accessible, affordable quality veterinary care every day, we know that sometimes our clients need additional financial support.

WCVC has partnered with VetBilling to manage payment plans for services such as dentals and surgeries (excluding spay/neuter surgeries).

Before applying for a payment plan through VetBilling, we encourage our clients to first apply for funding through one of the following sources:

Bow Wow Buddies

* Up to $2,500
* Covers necessary medical treatments for certain serious conditions and emergency services.
* Not available for spay/neuter, dentals, preventative care, ongoing treatments, or end-of-life care.
* Unable to provide assistance for emergency situations where funds are needed immediately. However, an applicant may apply for a grant up to 30 days after a procedure.

Heart Finance

* Offering grants up to $500 for one pet for a three-month period.
* Initial shelter-adoption fees.
* Food and pet-care costs when the pet owner faces financial difficulties.
* Boarding costs due to a pet-owner’s illness or hospitalization.
* Emergency and routine veterinarian care or medications for beloved pets.
* Grant review process takes three to four days.

Noah's Animal Fund

* Owners who live in Wisconsin counties of Rock, Jefferson, Green, and Walworth can apply.
* Provides assistance for an animal in a crisis that otherwise would not receive care.
* Must be a reasonable expectation of success.
* Does not provide funds for preventative care.

Red Rover

* Provides financial assistance and resources when pets are in life-threatening situations.
* Average grant is around $250 and intended to fill a small gap in preventing animal from care.

The Pet Fund

* Non-basic, non-urgent medical funding.

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